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Bonjour Paris

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There is good news and bad news… The bad news is that the amazing juice bar I wanted to blog about today was shut, it was a real shame. The good news is that this juice bar is in Paris, where I will be living for a while. You would think that France would be hardest place in the world to avoid dairy because of all the cheese, butter and Nutella, but I am doing pretty well so far! The language barrier definitely makes reading ingredients and finding whole food stores tricky, but I feel like I’ll suss it out pretty quickly.


I have only been here a week and I have already fallen head over heels in love!

Paris is the coolest city ever. It is beautiful, fun, the weather is gorgeous at the moment, and who doesn’t love french food? My parisian bucket list is already pages long, and you will be glad to hear that almost everything on it is food related. I have found far more vegan restaurants here than I ever could have imagined, there are incredible fruit and veg markets, and due to the cultural diversity many rare ingredients are easily available and begging to be played with.


I hope I can continue to post healthy, simple and delicious recipes alongside my meat-free explorations of Paris, but sadly the vegetables will no longer be fresh from the garden, and all meals will have to be prepared in the smallest kitchen on the right bank!


So please be patient, and once I have found my favourite local greengrocer, and eaten some more french food to inspire me, the recipes will be rolling in again!


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